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What Went Down is a new app available on iPhone and Android smartphones that allows users to take pictures of crazy and/or hilarious moments, edit and caption them, and share them for other users to find. Created by college students, this app is a hilarious way to share photos. If you followed our “WTF Wednesday” series here on SC, then you’ll be right at home on What Went Down.

What Went Down - App Review - Screenshot 2

What Went Down is super easy to use and features several filters/categories including “Party On” which features exactly what it sounds like – party pics, “Awkward” which is basically your place to send anything weird or strange, “Fail” (no explanation necessary) and more. ¬†There are also special categories in the “Featured” section which includes the best dogs of 2013, Comic-Con pics and 4th of July Fails. Users can browse photos by category or filter and like and comment on them just like on Facebook or on Pinterest.

What Went Down - App Review - Screenshot 3


-Easy to use, both to navigate and to upload/edit pictures
-Entertaining (you can waste a lot of time scrolling through pictures)
-Can easily connect to Facebook/Instagram/Twitter
-Not just mobile; has a website that can be accessed anywhere: What Went Down


-Not super ‘safe for work’ (i.e. some of the pictures are a little crude)
-You have to create a log-in to like/comment, edit or upload photos
-Loading time is a little slow, but the app is new so this could be improved soon

Warning:¬†Don’t turn “What Went Down” into the next Snapchat Leaked. So long as users use discretion and make smart decisions when sharing photos, there should be no issues, but there is a potential for things to get out of hand. My advice would be to think before you post: if you wouldn’t want your parents to see it, don’t share it.

You can get What Went Down for free in the Apple App Store or the Google Marketplace for Android.

Will you be downloading What Went Down?