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Running is a very mental activity. You are constantly thinking as you run about how tired you are, how far you’ve run, how far you still have, how steep this hill is, etc. Well this app, Zombies, Run! may change the way you run.

This app creates an epic adventure that takes you through your run. Along the way, you become a hero attempting to rebuild your base by collecting supplies such as food, medicine and water, as you try to outrun the zombie hordes that are chasing you.


image via Obama Pacman

You can choose a story or a mission. The stories are in seasons and as you run, the story unfolds. Missions include airdrops in which you choose a point in the real world to go pick up an a supply drop, supply missions which you collect extra supplies for you township, interval training which you can customize your workouts, races and a radio station from the town which you are saving.

If you listen to music as you run, don’t worry, your music still plays, and the story is told between tracks, alerting you when you’ve picked up supplies or when you need to escape the zombies.

This is an app that will add a little twist to your runs to make them more interesting and keep your mind from wandering into that place that makes you want to quit. BBC News said “The only way to save yourself  is to run for real!” and Lifehacker described it as “a really cool way to get outside and exercise.” You can use it outside or on the treadmill, running or walking, and follow the story to get in shape, escape the zombies and become a hero!

So, if you are looking for some distractions or motivation for your work outs, try out this app. Its $3.99, but will be worth your money as you get into great shape and shed the extra pounds!

Will you try the Zombies, Run! app?

feature image via Obama Pacman