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Tomorrow is April 20th (that’s right, all you stoner kids, it’s your favorite holiday!) and that means that college students everywhere will be celebrating by smoking weed on this lovely Saturday, whether it’s legal where they live, or not. (Caution: even though it may be legal in some states now, it is not legal on a federal level. Colleges are bound by federal law, meaning that even if you light up in Colorado, you can still get in a whole heap of trouble at school. Consider yourselves warned!)

Before you go out to the woods or shove towels under your dorm room door (our resident RA says that’s a surefire way to get caught) and roll up a joint (P.S. we in no way condone illegal drug use, we’re just simply supplying you with information) you should at least have an understanding of how pot and college interact. This infographic has the answers to all of your questions. For example: is weed really that bad for you? How many college students smoke? What’s the history of pot? How many students smoke weed as opposed to other drugs? And most importantly, what will happen to me if I get caught?

The Campus Pot Connection 420

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Featured photo credit: iTopher via photopin cc