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I’m sure you’ve heard the horror stories from the unlucky college students who have managed to be matched with a roommate from hell. In most realities, however, it just happens that the two roommates are highly incompatible, with opposite personalities that cause them to clash in every way. The worst part is, sometimes you don’t even realize how you became the terrible roommate! So here are the 7 worst roommates from hell you might encounter.

1. The Leech

The Leech is that roommate who lacks enough self confidence to venture out and make his own friends. He sticks to the other roommate, constantly hovering and following, inviting himself to various events. He doesn’t realize that the  other roommate does not exactly reciprocate these friendly feelings. Ideal roommates realize that the best thing to do in college is branch out and create a network of friends, and if you are lucky enough to mesh well with your roommate, you can become good friends from there. Just don’t force it. You will become the thorn in your roommate’s thigh.

2. The Hog

The Hog is that roommate who, as the name implies, hogs the space. How a person hogs a room is dependent on what type of person they are. That roommate will find the key to driving her roommate out of the space by any means. That roommate will blast music to a point that the other can’t hear herself think. That roommate invites friends over when the other has to study for an exam the next day. That roommate refuses to turn off the lights when the other needs to sleep. That roommate takes up the common cabinets with all her own things, leaving the other to scramble for space. That roommate threats the other like an intruder in her space, rather than another person who shares the space like an equal.

3. The Borrower

The Borrower is that roommate who doesn’t draw a line between “yours” and “mine”. She has a tendency to quietly take your belongings without asking because her sense of ownership is all out of whack. Food, clothes, shoes, textbooks, school supplies, cooking supplies, latpops — if you have it, she will borrow it. Without asking (that, of course, is that bad part). If you are this person, it is highly likely a person is much more possessive of his belongings than you are, so try to be respectful of his boundaries, even if you don’t understand it.

4. The Slob

The Slob is that roommate who feels right at home among piles of dirty laundry, toppling bags of trash, and take out boxes that haven’t been moved from under his bed in weeks. He goes on living, not noticing the growing mold on the corner of his desk or the sticky mysterious glue-like substance on his side of the floor. And it’s already bad to have one person in the room who is like this–I’ve seen instances in which both roommates were slobs and people walked around the protruding stench coming from their room. You don’t need to have your room picture ready, but at least make it easy to maneuver through!

5. The Sexiler

The “Sexiler” is that roommate who not only chooses to have sex in the room (because depending on the roommates’ comfort levels, this can be fine), he chooses to do it without any notice to his roommate, resulting in frequent lock outs on the victim’s end. Or at the other end, it results in awkward silences if the roommate happens to be “sleeping” in the room. Or, even worse, it results in perpetual awkward silences when the roommate walks in on the other. At least be considerate enough to warn the other person ahead of time.

6. The Agoraphobe

The Agoraphobe is that roommate who never leaves the room. Even if you like one another enough, occasional privacy can do a world of good for your roommate relationship. That cannot happen if one person never leaves. A considerate roommate should consider at least shifting his loitering to, say, the dorm’s common room or something.

7. The Self-Righteous One

The Self-Righteous One is that roommate who refuses to negotiate anything because you’re always wrong no matter what. It is a losing situation with this person if you try to approach the problem in a reasonable manner. There is no such word as compromise in this relationship, because the self-righteous roommate will fault every effort you make, and probably tell the world what you’re doing wrong without bothering to tell you. The only way to work with this person is to agree with her, all the time, on every single issue. Not . Cool.

It’s hard enough to live with a stranger who doesn’t become your best friend in the process. Don’t make it even harder on yourself and your roommate by acting like one of these 7 roommates from hell.

Photo courtesy of Katie Brady via Flickr (licensed under CC BY 2.0).


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