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Clarissa Davies is a fan of reality television, Kevin Spacey and sushi. You can find her avoiding people from high school in the grocery store while she tries to buy Ben and Jerry’s and attempting to get out of there quick. She is a Journalism and Media Communications major at Colorado State University. 

The Bachelor. It’s either the show you love, the show you hate, or the show you love to hate. I personally love the show – it’s reality television entertainment at its best, and you cannot deny that it has appeal. Sometimes I even catch my dad watching the show while it’s on.

I have been watching The Bachelor, The Bachelorette and all of the franchise spin-offs since I was young. I’m even friends with one of its producers on Facebook, and have DM’d with an ex-contestant on Twitter. I follow all of the contestants on Instagram, even ones from five years ago (something I’m not too proud of), and I think it just boils down to fascination for me. Regardless, I think the show skewed my interpretation of love. However, that is yet to be seen. Read on (in your most satirical voice).

What The Bachelor Teaches Us About Love

1.  Drinking will ultimately give you the confidence to approach and make a move on the man/woman you have your eye on. They’ll just love your confidence.


2.  You should feel totally comfortable with the man/woman that you’re dating to be dating 25 other men/women too – the more, the merrier!


3. Not having a real or valid job will make you more appealing. “Dog lover” and “Free spirit” definitely count as occupations.


4. Sharing a personal story will make him/her feel guilty and feel obligated to keep you around longer. However, sooner or later you’ll get the boot.


5. Your redundant vocabulary of saying “like” and describing everything as “amazing” makes you exciting and unique.


6. It is definitely normal to have 20 other random people (producers, hair/makeup, etc.) watch every conversation and kiss you share with your “significant other.” Then you have the pleasure of watching it months later on national television!


7. If you have a bad attitude, your significant other will notice and really like that attribute. Even if everyone seems to be getting along and you’re the black sheep, take this as a good sign.


8. Make sure you have that defining quality that makes you stand out from your competition… even if that quality should be putting you into a mental treatment center, not on reality television.


9. It is normal to fall in love in under 3 months.


10. Love is NOT a two way street! You should like them more than they like you! You’ll inevitably find out that he liked that other girl more than he liked you when he sends you packing.


11. Skydiving and riding around in a helicopter are very normal first dates. Very normal. You should expect this.




Regardless of this criticism, the show is entertaining, fun to follow and fun to laugh at. You should make watching it part of your Monday night routine.

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What has the Bachelor taught you about love?