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With the end of term, every university student is faced with the same quandary: how, oh how do I make this summer fun, exciting AND look good on my resume?!

It’s tough to be sure, especially when all those jobs you applied to and all those resumes you handed out were for naught, and the summer after first year starts to look like the ones you spent in high school. Being in this situation, I realized early on that no matter how brilliant and wonderful I may be, very few places would offer a first year a meaningful internship in a subject area that wasn’t business related. So, I signed up for summer school!

What better way to spend the delightfully warm and sunny days of May and June, than sweltering (or freezing) in auditoriums with air conditioning that’s turned on too high, or crushed in with 500 students! … Right?

I had my doubts too. But, I figured that in the least, I could get those detested breadth requirements out of the way!

So there I was on the first day, ready for my Geology and Astronomy courses that promised to not contain an inkling of math or science. Sure.

Now at the end of my first week, I have learnt a couple of extremely valuable lessons:

1. Summer courses take a normal course load and mash them into half the time. Therefore, keep up with the readings!

2. Although #1 is still valid… my professors didn’t end up doing half of what the syllabus said we’d cover. So don’t immediately panic. There is hope!

3. Coffee is perhaps even more essential in the summer. Drowsiness is quick to set on, and even dozing for a couple of minutes can throw you off for the rest of the lecture!

4. Bring a book if you have time in between classes. Without a normal courseload, there is only so much prep you can do for one or two classes, and really – its better not to overdo it.

5. Commuting + no meal plan = huge waste of money on food. Packed lunches are your new best friend! (post to follow on ideas!)

With a month and a half left of my journey through the world of rocks and stars, updates on #thesummerschoollife will be rampant!

Good luck!

Image courtesy of JaredFrazer (CC by 2.0)