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As with every major event that occurs in the world, whether it be an actual event like Santacon or a storm like the one we’re getting hit with now, the Internet can always expect someone to take advantage of it on Twitter. Always. Twitter is a magnet for that sort of thing. To be honest, were disappointed today by the lack of Winter Storm Nemo memes floating around the ‘net and we were really hoping to do an epic Nemo/Snow Storm meme roundup. But, a little more digging and we uncovered something fabulous. Naturally, #nemo (and #WinterStormNemo) is trending on twitter and people are quite literally tweeting up a storm. While most of the tweets are weather updates or about staying safe in the storm, if you look hard enough, you’ll find some gems. So, instead of rounding up Nemo memes, we’re bringing you our favorite Winter Storm Nemo tweets. We just can’t resist the Finding Nemo references/jokes.

Also, fun fact: did you know that Connecticut named this storm “Charlotte” before the Weather Channel decided to ruin our favorite Pixar movie? Connecticut, you are a hipster. And Weather Channel? Go home, you’re drunk. That is all.

Without further ado, here are our favorite Winter Storm Nemo tweets so far:

And what was on everyone’s mind already…

But, in all seriousness, if you’re stuck in Nemo’s way and need help prepping for the storm, go here!

See any other good Winter Storm Nemo tweets? Send ’em our way!

Featured photo credit: The Week