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There has been a huge backlash against getting a college education lately–I don’t know if you’ve noticed. Skeptics have been popping up left and right, such as Paypal’s founder, Peter Thiel. As prospective, current, and recently graduated college students, it is only natural to be concerned. But the data proves it–college is still worth it! The New York Times’s Economix blog discusses the recent focus on struggling college grads. The takeaway from the article? The college grads who end up bartending or continue to look for jobs for endless months–they end up doing fine. The Debate Continues: Is college really worth it?

A highlight from the article:

In other words, they all turned out pretty well. They were no doubt damaged by the downturn into which they graduated. But they turned out vastly better than most people of their generation who didn’t get a college degree.

The writers had done a survey with college graduates, asking them various questions about their decision to go to college and their choices while they were in college. The results are as follows:

There are a lot of things students have regretted with their choices in college. They wish they chose different majors, actually did an internship, etc. But what is it that the survey takers did not regret? Going to college.

A final remark from the article:

For going on four decades, the press has been raising alarms that college degrees may no longer be a sound investment. Two things about these stories have remained constant: They always feature an over-educated bartender, and they are always wrong.

Photo courtesy of Eli Yokley via Flickr (licensed under CC BY 2.0).

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