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Being a college student basically means being wired to want to take part in all activities that involve getting free stuff,  be it food, prizes, events that are free of charge because of our “student” status, or even trips that are covered by student organizations. Because of this, some students may lose sight of the idea of being a giver. Now, before you leave this page because you’re thinking, “but I love free things!” just hear me out! I love free things too (who doesn’t?) but even more than that, I love being able to give back. Here are some reasons why the gift of giving is so much more beneficial than getting anything for free!

Making others smile

In most situations, being a giver will make people happy. There is nothing more humbling and exciting than seeing the expression on someone’s face after you’ve given them something that they truly appreciate, especially if it’s something that they can’t repay you for.

No matter what the actual gift is, when you put a smile on someone else’s face, you’re really giving them a reason to be happy. You’re giving them the gift of a smile, which is a contagious act and is something they can pay forward to others.

Being selfless

Learning to be selfless as a college student is a characteristic will pay huge dividends later on in life, so long as you learn to cultivate it over the years. When you give something to someone, it shows that you’re putting thought into them as a person, what they’ve done for you, and how much you care for them and their happiness. Once you do this for the first time, the rest will be history. You’ll want to do things like this all the time.

Also something to note: being selfless, especially publicly, will help your image skyrocket. People will begin to see just how selfless you are and they will want to be around you (and that’s a great feeling.)

Learning the importance of appreciation

When you learn the gift of giving, you gain a lot more room to appreciate the things that you already have in your life. This includes material belongings, loved ones, and the experiences that you’ve had that have made you the person that you are today. Being able to give to others helps you realize how important it is to appreciate those things. You begin to see how great things used to be in your life and the steps that you need to take in order to get back to that place again.

Why not?

Giving to others is highly underrated, and college students don’t seem to embrace it enough, in my opinion. But if you’re still reading this, feel free to prove me wrong!

What are some ways that the gift of giving is important?
How do you give back? Tell us in the comments!

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