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Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson have teamed up again to bring us a new summer comedy: The Internship. It’s a familiar concept, especially to college students who seem to spend most of their spring semester trying to nail down those summer internship plans. However, there is a twist: Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson are the interns. They are not the people mentoring the bright-eyed college students; they are right there with them, and at none other than Google. Bill McMahon (Vaughn) and Nick Campbell (Wilson) are two salesmen whose company goes under. They quickly realize that they are “dinosaurs,” and that the only way they are going to get decent jobs is to land an internship and play a bit of catch-up. The people at Google reluctantly take a chance on the pair and they soon come to realize that they are further behind than they thought.

Like most movies with Vaughn and Wilson, The Internship is funny enough to make you laugh out loud in parts, but the comedy doesn’t make you think very hard. The film is littered with 80’s and 90’s references that current college students will probably recognize, but may raise their eyebrows at. There are also a few moments where they seem to take the “we’re old and irrelevant” thing a bit too far. Like when Billy and Nick are sent on a wild goose chase to find a Professor Xavier (who is a bald man in a wheelchair) by their younger team members, and they don’t realize it is an X-Men reference. Or when Billy pulls out a flip phone (lets be real, everyone and their grandmother has a smartphone these days.)

But let’s focus on the actual internship part of the film, shall we? As many people have probably done an internship or two in their lives, how does this film actually compare to a real life internship? We took three parts of the movie and compared it to reality.

Adult interns

While this may seem far-fetched, it really isn’t that wild of a concept. Recent years have shown that more and more experienced adults are going back to internships to widen their skill set. Especially in fields that change rather rapidly. While college students and recent grads still dominate the scene, adult interns are something you could start seeing more of.

The lack of faith in interns

While it is probably true that most interns do not have as much experience as their mentors, this does not mean that interns know absolutely nothing. There are a few parts of the film where the interns, or at least the underdog team involving Billy and Nick, seem to be treated like the program is waiting for them to fail at any moment. While this tension is needed to keep the movie compelling, internships can be really fostering environments where the whole point is to learn. Even the people who have been in the industry for decades still make mistakes. So interns, don’t let the film fool you into thinking your boss is expecting you to fail. You’re there to learn and gain experience.

Working hard pays off

This is completely 100% true. While not every internship leads to a hired, paid, position (ain’t that the dream though!) your hard work will really benefit you in the end, even if you make mistakes. The harder you work, the more you will learn about your chosen field and how it works. And hard work stands out. You don’t want to be the lazy intern in the corner constantly on Facebook and begging to make coffee runs just so you can chat on your phone. You won’t learn anything, and you will draw attention to yourself in a bad way. In the film, Billy and Nick try really hard to prove that they can make it in a world of much more tech-savvy kids, and it definitely pays off for them in the end.

So, while there are bits of the film that seem off-course, a lot of it is fairly spot on. Not to mention it is a pretty accurate reflection of what it is like to work at Google. 

Check out the trailer for the film here:

How do you think the film compares (or doesn’t) to your internship experience? Let us know! 

Featured photo via Beyond Hollywood.