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Okay, let’s face it. You, or somebody you know, qualify as a nocturnal college student. In keeping with my theme of writing argumentative essays (hello Philosophy), I will attempt to convince you to change your ways. That’s right – after reading this post, you will decide to sleep earlier, wake up earlier, and be more productive.

You’re going against the real world.

Sorry to break it to you. The real world operates in the morning and ends in the late afternoon. This means that waking up in the afternoon puts you about four hours behind the rest of the world, making you less and less productive as the days pass by. Now wouldn’t it be nice to meet all of your obligations earlier in the day? You beat all the lines, go to all of your classes, and can finish all of your homework by the time dinner rolls around. Suddenly, BAM. You have four hours to do absolutely nothing in the evening.

You’re wasting a lot of time.

You wake up. You go to class (if you’re awake enough). You come home from class and crash / procrastinate / surf the web until about midnight when you kick yourself in the tush because you realize that you haven’t started your work yet. Sound familiar? Think about how much more productive you could be just by rearranging your schedule. If you do your work before you slack off, you have the chance to sleep whenever you want. That means fewer late nights and better quality of work. It directly translates to higher grades.

You’ll be a lot less stressed.

Guilt-free relaxation feels a lot better than procrastination. Even though you’re probably doing the exact some things, procrastination involves that little annoying cartoon character on your shoulder reminding you about that problem set, or that paper you have to write. If you’ve already done your homework, the cartoon character disappears and you can watch Top Chef all you want. Or, er, at least that’s what I do. Unless that’s totally weird. In which case, I don’t.

Consider it. Get your work done earlier and relax afterwards. I might sound like Mom, but hey, Mom is usually (always) right.

What motivates you in the morning? Leave a comment!


Image courtesy of wwarby via Flickr (CC BY 2.0).