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It seems like just yesterday we were watching two Lindsay Lohans on the screen meet at camp and then reunite to try and get their parents back together in The Parent Trap. We may feel old, but we are definitely grateful for everything we learned from the classic kid movie. So here are 17 lessons we were schooled in during our childhood when we watched this movie.

1. Summer camps can actually be fun… and not a child’s prison.

2. A girl’s summer camp will allow a boy to spend his summer there.. I mean he did pay to go there.

3. You can get pretty creative with handshakes… correction, very creative.

4. Collect calls were once a thing… Who knew?

5. Apparently a lot of kids enjoy fencing… like, a lot.

6. As well as playing strip poker… this we knew.

7 .You’ve got to think big if you really want to prank someone.. like putting beds on top of roofs (which to this day I still wonder how they got them up there?)

8. Oreos with peanut butter are apparently a delicacy… we can’t argue with that.

9. Everyone is in agreement that Leonardo Dicaprio is and always will be bae… ALWAY.

10. You should always keep old photos, no matter how damaged they are… memories.

11. Ear piercings can be done by an 11-year-old… but is not recommended.

12. A haircut can change your whole look… for good or bad.

13. Falling backwards in a pool is a great way to get someone’s attention… or the worst.

14. You should never get drunk on a plane… unless.. no, no, never.

15. Parents always choose their kids over anybody… as they should!

16. Romantic and surprising gestures are always a good idea… again, ALWAYS.

17. Never give up on love… even if it gives up on you.

What did you learn from The Parent Trap?