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Dear parents, friends, and family members of recent and very soon-to-be- grads,

If you haven’t already found the perfect gift to give the college graduate in your life, no worries! We’ve got your back. From the classic, timeless (okay, maybe not timeless, but trusty!) gifts that every grad will appreciate, to gifts for the new professional, the traveler (or the student moving to a new city), and finally to gifts for the currently unemployed grad, we have the ultimate college grad gift guide. All you have to do is find your grad’s category and you’ll have the perfect graduation gift in no time. Happy hunting!

P.S. Students, don’t be afraid to show this to your parents/aunts/uncles/grandparents/cousins/etc.

Congratulations, class of 2013!

The Classics

Gift Guide for Graduates

Oh, the classics! These are the go-to, “when in doubt” type gifts that every grad will love:

– “Oh The Places You’ll Go” by Dr. Seuss

Don’t underestimate this one – it may just be a children’s book, but it can easily be made into a sentimental graduation gift that the grad in your life will cherish forever. Our tip: get everyone (their friends, family, etc.) to sign the inside. Instant keepsake!

– Gift Cards or Money

No description necessary, really. Target gift cards, IKEA gift cards, American Express gift cards, iTunes gift cards, or, if you’re really unsure, cash/checks are always appreciated (we grads have student loans to pay off, ya know!)

– New Smartphone/Computer/Tablet

Time for an upgrade! A shiny new smartphone, laptop, or tablet is not only a great, fun gift – it’s practical, too.

– Photo Album/Picture Frames

Even better if you can fill the album or frames with pictures from their graduation or photos that are sentimental!

For the Grad on the Move

Graduation Gifts for the Traveler or Mover

Gifts for the grad who can’t stop movin’ (rather, they’re gearing up to travel or move to a new city):

– Luggage Set

Is the grad in your life moving or planning on traveling a lot? A nice new luggage set is the perfect gift!

– A Trip!

Let’s be honest – who wouldn’t want a vacation after finishing school?

– Digital Camera

Perfect for taking pictures of their travels (or showing off their new apartment)

– Small Appliances (For a New Apartment)

Blenders, toasters, coffee makers, pots, pans, etc. All things necessary for apartment living!

– Art/Decor (For Their New Place)

Nobody likes stark white walls. Get your grad some art or cool decor for their new apartment.

– Cookbooks

Even if your grad is a capable cook, they may need some inspiration for new meals. A cookbook filled with simple, affordable recipes is key. We recommend “College Cooks” – perfect for students and recent grads.

– U-Haul Rental Fee

If your grad is moving far away, they’re going to need a moving van. Help ’em out by paying their U-Haul fee!

For the New Professional

Graduation Gifts for New Professionals

If the grad in your life was lucky enough to book an office job before getting their diploma, they’re going to need these:

– New Bag/Briefcase/Wallet

Whether they’re commuting or live 5 minutes away from the office, your grad is still going to need a bag/briefcase complimented by a simple but classy wallet. Welcome to adulthood.

– Professional Clothing (and Ties!)

Suits, button downs, pencil skirts, comfy dress shoes, and lots of ties (for the guys) – you know the drill!

– Classy Dayplanner/Portfolio

Organization is key, so get them a planner or portfolio to keep everything handy and accessible.

– Simple Jewelry/Watches

For the ladies, pearls are essential. And a new watch couldn’t hurt for guys or gals!

For the Funemployed

Gag Gifts for College Grads

So your grad doesn’t have a job yet and is moving back home? Welcome to funemployment! AKA the gag gift section:

– A Tent (For When They’re Kicked Out)

Mom and dad, if you get sick of your grad, don’t worry! Just buy them a tent and call it a day 😉

– Self-Help Books

Because less money, more problems…

– Tequila (and/or Vodka)

See “Self-Help Books” description.

– Netflix Subscription

Because that’s what unemployed people do! Yay!

 What’s on your graduation gift checklist?

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