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We’re already a week into August and that means pretty soon you’ll be heading back to school. Whether that means going halfway across the country (or all the way!) or staying in a 5 mile radius of your house, everyone has different reactions to going back to school. Some people are excited, some people are nervous, and others, well, they just plain hate it. This was proven when #UpcomingSchoolYearin4Words started trending on Twitter last night — a lot of students shared their feelings in the most hilarious of ways, so, I rounded up a collection of my personal favorites. And I’m sure there were some great tweets that didn’t contain pictures (check ’em out here) but let’s be real here — everything’s better with memes. Here are the 10 best reactions (and the 10 types of students you’ll encounter on the first day of school!)

The “I hate everyone”

The “homesick transfer student”

The “sits in the back of the class”

The “just kill me now”

The “freshmen class predator”

The “broke college kid”

The “late on the first day”

The “this will be the death of me”

The “excited but nervous emotional wreck”

The “already counting down ’til graduation”

Which one are you? Tell us below!