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college sophomores

Everyone knows that college life as a college sophomore makes everything ten times easier. Long gone are those fears about not knowing where your classes are or the quickest route to get to a certain building. Sophomores just have it a little easier because all those anxieties we had about college, we went through in our freshmen year (at least some of them). You feel more independent, more confident in yourself, and definitely more knowledgeable about the ins and outs of college life. If you’re going back in the fall as a sophomore, here are some things you’ll soon be understanding.

1. The desire to actually try and help out lost freshmen.

Not too long ago that was you getting incorrect directions to a building.

2. Laundry is something you actually need to set time aside to do:

Because putting it off can result in lack of underwear.

3. Finals are not always your key to passing a class:

You thought you could do terrible the first half of the semester and on the midterm and then make up for it on the final. Key word, thought.

4. Not doing all your reading assignments early:

You’ve learned it only makes you confuse the plots and characters of five different novels.

5. You ALWAYS check your email:

I don’t care if it’s your day off, the weekend, a holiday, or if you’re lying in bed sick. Checking your email more than once a day is equivalent to you needing to breath every couple of seconds to survive.

6. You actually know where the best coffee on campus is… and it’s not Starbucks:

As a naive freshmen, you think going to Starbucks everyday is the best solution for coffee, when in actuality, there are better and, more importantly, cheaper places to pick up a latte.

7. If 8 a.m classes weren’t meant for you, they’re not meant for you:

If you’re not a morning person, 8 a.m isn’t a time that will be good for actually having to use your brain.

8. Always having snacks stocked in your dorm for 1 a.m cravings:

All-nighters can be a drag and nothing keeps you up more than ramen noodles, Cheetos, and eating out of a jar of Nutella.

9. Selling back books is basically a necessary ripoff:

You’re receiving probably less than half of what you paid for on the book, but deep down you’re saying “Hey it’s money and I know I’m never going to use that book again, so here you go campus bookstore.”

10. Naps are your best friends in college

Knowing that once this lecture is over, in your dorm room awaits a soft, warm bed that you can go take a nap in until your next class.

What are some things you learned as a college sophomore?