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You guys, I love gingers.  Like, I’m obsessed with them.  I couldn’t explain why.  They’re just basically a superior race.  I’m also pretty sure I’m not the only one obsessed with the ginger breed, because gingers have been in the eye of pop-culture for a significant period of time.  Think about it.  How many of us grew up with Anne of Green Gables or the little orphan Annie (and yes, in case anybody is wondering, I do have the entire soundtrack to Annie memorized).  Today we see gingers in the forefront of society, just look at Kevin McKidd (also known as That Guy Who Plays Dr. Hunt on Grey’s Anatomy) and Ed Sheeran. Basically, gingers are kind of a big deal.  And they’re also super good looking, let’s be real (well okay, most of them are).  Anyways, here are some of my personal favorite gingers.

Debra Messing


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I’d like to profess my profoundly unyielding love for Debra Messing and everything that she does.  First of all, Will & Grace was like one of the smartest, funniest shows ever, and she was brilliant on it.  A super quality individual once described how she felt about Will & Grace to me by saying, “It’s like Friends.  Meaning, if it’s on, I’m going to watch it.  Even though I’ve seen it all before.  I can’t not watch it.”  That being said, I love Debra Messing so much that I actually watched all of Smash.  Why?  Well, in the words of the internet famous, Billy on the Streets, “It’s Debra Messing, you gays!”

Rupert Grint


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As movie-Draco said, “Red hair?  Hand-me-down-robes?  You must be a Weasley.”  …or at least the guy playing one.  Come on, guys.  You know me well enough to be aware that it’s impossible for me to not mention Harry Potter.  Of course we all know Rupert Grint as the actor who portrays Harry’s BFF, Ron Weasley.  Ron comes from a whole family of gingers—who are probably the best characters in the book, next to Hermione. Anyways, suffice it to say, Potter fans love the Weasley family and Rupert Grint is awesome and does a great job playing everyone’s favorite literary ging.

Alyson Hannigan & Seth Green


(gif via tumblr)

Am I actually talking about Buffy and Harry Potter all in the same post?  Yes.  I’m nerdy.  Get on my level.  So, I know Alyson and Seth aren’t a couple in real life, but they did play a couple on TV, which is why I’ve grouped them together.  Plus, they were like one of my favorite TV couples.  And like, yeah, yeah, I know that everyone loves Willow & Tara, and I do too, obviously.  But, Willow & Oz were a ginger couple.  Gingers on gingers on gingers on gingers on gingers on gingers on gingers on gingers—oh wait, was I supposed to be writing something?  I was too busy thinking about pretty/funny gingers dating other pretty/funny gingers and having a family of pretty/funny gingers.

Prince Harry


(gif via tumblr)

So, Prince Harry is single now.  And yes, we all want to marry William, but let’s be real about him for a second.  William is married and has a child.  Plus he’s balding.  Plus, he’s not a ginger.  So, let’s not forget about the Spare Heir.  He is the fun one! Plus, he is a ginger.  Basically, I’d like to say to everyone: I call dibs on Prince Harry.  I WANT TO BE A PRINCESS.   I want to go to royal family barbeques and hang out with Kate Middleton.  I want to ride in a fancy carriage drawn by ponies.  But most importantly, I want to date a ginger.  So, everybody can back off because Prince Harry is mine.

Emma Stone


(gif via tumblr

I’m about to disappoint everyone.  Emma Stone is actually a natural blonde.  I know, I know.  But she tends to keep her hair a ginger color, because she knows how superior gingers are to other people, obviously.  Also, she’s awesome.  I love Emma Stone.  I want to be her best friend.  I want to go shopping with her.  I want to drive around in the car and sing the Spice Girls with her.  I want to watch cheesy romcoms with her.  I want to drink wine with her.  And then maybe it gets late and I’ve had a little too much wine so I can’t drive home, and have to sleep over, so we cuddle in her bed and she realizes that she’s in love with me and we get married and ride a unicorn off into a rainbow sunset.  You know, normal things you do with your totally platonic hypothetical best friend who just also happens to be a super attractive and hilarious ginger.

Who is your favorite ginger?

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