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Throwback Thursday is your weekly concentrated dose of nostalgia, where we round up the bests and worsts of all things 90s (and the early 2000s.) This week: The top 5 ‘N SYNC songs!

Happy birthday, Joshua Scott Chasez. For those of you who may not know who that is, I don’t want to know you. But I guess I will tell you that he also goes by JC Chasez. Otherwise known as the 2nd best member of ‘N SYNC (JT fo lyfe.) JC turns 37 today. Which, we’re sorry, is pretty old. At least for a boy band heartthrob. But hey, at least he is younger than Chris Kirkpatrick, right?

Moving on.

You have probably forgotten about JC Chasez because he decided a solo career would be a good idea. While this was an amazing idea for Justin Timberlake, it was an awful idea for Chasez and we basically haven’t heard from him since. Aside from being a judge on America’s Best Dance Crew. Which is where relevant careers go to die. Example: it was hosted by Mario Lopez.

Regardless of his lost relevancy, I still owe a lot of my adolescence to Chasez and his four bandmates. I was an ‘N SYNC girl through and through. BSB was good but they were no ‘N SYNC in my mind. So to honor Joshua Scott Chasez turning another year older, I am going to round up what I believe to be the top 5 ‘N SYNC songs.

Bye Bye Bye

Let’s make one thing very clear: No Strings Attached is an amazing pop album and this video for “Bye Bye Bye” is perfect. It has synchronized dancing, puppets, and Justin laughing in the middle of the song for no apparent reason. If you don’t think this is one of the best ‘N SYNC songs, you’re wrong. Bye bye bye h8r.


“All that maters is that you get hyped.” Truth. And this song, to this day, still gets me hyped. When I was younger I didn’t truly understand or appreciate the growth in sound that ‘N SYNC found with this album, but I sure as hell do now. Also, if you were a fan of Fox Family music video shows in the early 2000s like I was, then you might remember that Joey Fatone had a broken leg during the filming of this video. So they guy dancing that looks like Joey, isn’t Joey. Just some dude with a brown sharpie mustache. The close ups are him though.

Space Cowboy

“Space Cowboy” was really inspiring for me when I was younger because it featured a rap breakdown done by a female. Let’s be real, it still inspires me. I was really good friends with this boy when this album came out and our parents used to get together every weekend to play music together. I vividly remember him and I wanting to perform a song for our parents so I learned Left Eye’s rap breakdown to this song. We never actually performed it, but I still know the whole thing. RIP Left Eye. Ma girl.

Tearin’ Up My Heart

Classic song is classic. Next question please.

Bringin’ Da Noise

Search your heart. You know it to be true.

Oh and as a bonus have this little gem.

Yes, that is JC, JT and Ry Gos.

Okay. So who was your favorite ‘N SYNC member?