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Everyone for the most part knows how the dating app Tinder works, but if you don’t know, let us give you a little rundown. Basically, when you come across someone’s profile that you like, you swipe them right. If you don’t like them, you swipe them left. And… that’s it.

If you’re looking to find a school that rates high in right swipes on Tinder, then you’re in luck. Tinder has complied a list of colleges with the most swiped right students.



Topping the list for women were:

  1. Florida State University
  2. University of Miami
  3. University of Mississippi
  4. University of Colorado Boulder
  5. University of Alabama
  6. Colorado State University
  7. Boise State University
  8. Iowa State University
  9. University of Arizona
  10. University of Iowa

Topping the list for men were:

  1. Georgetown University
  2. Brigham Young University
  3. University of Notre Dame
  4. Texas Christian University
  5. Air Force Academy
  6. Yale University
  7. Dartmouth College
  8. University of Virginia
  9. University of Mississippi
  10. University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Now, this data is a little different from that of Hinge, which found Vanderbilt University as the top school for swipes right for that app.

Tinder broke down the information even more, noting that the University of Mississippi made the top 10 most right-swiped male and female lists. It also found that profiles with the most right swipes all contained bios. Good to know, huh?

Head over to the Tinder blog to find out more information.

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