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Sleep is a precious thing that we all need to maintain in our lives. It’s important to our health and also for how we function day to day. Most people don’t get the right amount of sleep each night and then in the morning, are quick to hit snooze on their alarms. Sometimes no matter what you’ve done that day or no matter how tired you are, when it comes time to hit the pillow and go to sleep, you just can’t seem to do so. This can be particularly true for college kids who have everything from relationships to midterms on their minds.

Luckily, Memory Foam Mattress Guide has an infographic that shows a variety of techniques that’ll help you fall asleep faster. What we love most about these tips is that they are completely doable for an average collect student. For example, taking 10 minutes out to do yoga before bed is totally easy. Or how about ditching your physics book and instead picking up something a little lighter/funnier to read before bed? Yep, we think that would be a pleasure. However, there is one you may have a hard time getting use to: shutting down your electronics. Sorry, but scrolling through Instagram before bed is not beneficial, neither is watching “Orange Is The New Black” before you dose off.

Take a look at the infographic below, and get ready to drift off the sleep!


 Do you have any tips to help us fall asleep easier?