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Have you been selected for university and now you are worried about moving into a student dormitory or a privately owned accommodation? Do not worry, we have got you covered. Here are some tips that will help you make the move easy for you.

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student accommodation

Give your options a good hard thought

Every individual is different. Some are comfortable sharing space with 3 other people while some like the peace and quiet environment. If you are the latter, you can go for a rented apartment but at a higher price. There are various options available, so make sure you do your research.

Guarding your stuff

You are responsible for your belongings. If you are planning to live in a university hall or privately-owned hall make sure you lock the doors when going for your classes. You might even have to reconsider letting some people into your room or building if you are living in a rented apartment.

Paying the rent

Be it a university or private hall, an apartment or a paying guest you need to pay your rent or hall fees on time. It will ensure that you do not get served a “vacate premises” notice served. In case you are unable to pay because of some unforeseen delay in the clearance of a student loan or allowance, inform before the last date. Most of the accommodation services allow for delays in rent payment if there is a justifiable cause.


Stay connected

You might love your freedom as well as newfound individuality but stay connected with people the important people always help. Develop a network of friends and family so that aid is always within reach in case of an emergency.

Treat your place like your own

When you move into a student housing, you have to take care of it and also develop it according to your taste. Decorations within limits you see fit can be a great idea to brighten the space and allow for a homely feeling. If you are living alone in a rented apartment, get kitchen savvy and cook your favourite dishes! Consider getting apps that help you with reminders for utility bills and rent payments.

student accommodation

Keeping the premises clean

University life is hectic, and there will be a lot of pressure on you. With the vast amount of assignments to work on the living area might turn messy and resemble a war-zone. The kitchen area gets affected due to frequent brewing of beverages and food items. Organise a cleaning day every week and take turns. The workload can be planned for and divided between room-mates and flat-mates alike to make for a well-oiled team.

Wrapping things up

Admittedly, moving into a student accommodation can be daunting, but by following a few necessary steps, you will see things falling into their right place in no time like you are meant for it. Good luck!