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The back to school season is just around the corner, and with it arises the question of what to wear to college parties?  Before every occasion, students are in distress about what to wear and whether it would be a fit choice for the occasion. Stressing about your situation is not the solution, although we might have something that might help. Before we dig into it, always remember if everything else fails, a maxi dress will never let you down. This one piece of clothing is a wonder for you and is best suited for every occasion you have in mind.

Maxi dress is perfect in every way possible. They are sleek, comfortable, airy, and most importantly, they make you elegant without overexposing too much skin. The plus point of the maxi dress is that they are best suited for both formal and informal occasions. Not to mention these maxi dresses are available in various sizes and designs!

Let’s look into the tips we have for you:

Casual Vibes

If it’s an afternoon party, or an outdoor celebration or just a social gathering of people for luncheon, then you should always go casual. The catch to being casual is to look effortlessly stylish. Floral skirts paired with plain satin Kenzi Blouse is the way to look trendy. This satin Kenzi Blouse can also be paired with light denim or plaid pants. Wear minimal jewelry and rock in the evening.

All Black

The one-color which will always suit you is black. Wearing everything black is the most simple yet the most favorite look to wear to night parties. You can never go wrong with black. You can wear a black Bailie Skirt and pair it with a black top, and you are ready to go. The satin fit of this skirt gives you an ideal fit.

Another look with black which you can try out is to wear black denim and pair it with any blacktop. Now the catch to this outfit is to wear a black Elsa jacket over it. This jacket will complete your look and will shower compliments at you.

Formals for Formals

Many colleges have formal events, which specify you the dress code, and that is to dress elegantly. Lace dresses are the statement outfits for such events. These are long dresses with an elegant touch. You can pair these formal dresses with high heels and a bold necklace to enhance your look.

Other looks which you can also try is our sequined satin dresses, Celine dress, Nora dress, Pink bling dress, etc. Each of these dresses has a graceful flowy look and are fit for such occasions. Go with bold makeup with these dresses and a statement bracelet.

Dressy but Trendy

The worst thing you can do with your look is to overdo it. The key to a successful outfit is minimalism. Long cardigans are the answer to your prayers. Wear it over your basic tee and jeans, and voila, your outfit is complete. You can wear this look to an evening party, whether outdoors or indoors.

Fatin abaya is the piece that helps you achieve that classy look and in a minimalist way. This can be worn as an abaya or as an open cardigan. Either way, it’s satin fabric makes you look gorgeous and feel comfortable.

Simplicity is the key

No one likes a fancy pant, especially to occasions where it is not required. Be yourself, always choose the looks that suit you, and what makes you feel comfortable. Simplicity is the key to look graceful and to become the center of attention. A simple knit tunic paired with the right denim can win many hearts.

You can always wear a plain jumpsuit with pastel shade and to spice up things, add Rosette Khaliji Abaya on the top and you are good to go. This simple look speaks a lot and will make the crowd adore your style. You can pair this outfit with wedges and a soft glam.

You can never go wrong with WHITE

White is the most elegant color to wear. Even a basic white top makes you look so graceful. Whether you have a party with your gal pals or an evening outdoor bash, white gowns will steal the occasion. The white Olivia Kaftan is an example of how elegance meets simplicity. Do your hair in loose curls or pair it with your dark maroon satin scarf to complete the look.

Sorority formals

Many females are a part of sororities, so they are aware that sorority’s events are almost every weekend. Floral dresses are your lifesavers if you have to attend something which isn’t strict about the dress code. Pair these dresses with gold hoops and wedges to look trendy.

For fancy evenings you need something fancy to wear. Beautiful sequined fancy kaftans are your answer. Wearing them with high heels and bold makeup makes you look chic and perfect for the occasion.