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Coursework can be a real drag, and when the papers pile up it can all become a bit overbearing. People generally have a concentration span of 20 minutes, and if you try to power through that timeframe you may find yourself writing gobbledegook rather than formulating a structured argument. This is when it helps to have other things to occupy short periods while you give your brain a break. Taking your mind off the serious stuff can be a good thing, and these games will help you come back to your essay ready and refreshed.

Texas Hold’em Poker

Hold’em is currently the most popular form of poker, thanks to classic films such as Rounders and Casino Royale, and the fact that the World Series of Poker is televised and easily accessible. Online poker is a hugely popular phenomenon, and with so many people connected at all times it’s always easy to quickly find a game. For those who need a break from studying, Sit and Go tournaments can provide some quick-fire respite. The games don’t last too long, but they are just as enjoyable as the long-haul multi-table events. As we read in this Betway casino review, new players receive a whopping welcome bonus of up to $1500 in cash matches for the first four deposits, so that is a recommended choice if you’re looking for a poker provider.

Big Lebowski Slots

Relive the cult classic Coen brothers film with the Big Lebowski slots at 888 casino. Seeing as “The Dude” is a huge bowling fan, the symbols on the reels are bowling balls with varying values. Players can spin in strikes and spares, along with bonus symbols such as the Dude’s yellow Ford Torino. The bonuses activate a “Goodnight Sweet Prince” bonus game in which players select an item to receive a multiplier on their stake. It features all the main characters including Walter Sobchak, Maude Lebowski, Donny Kerabatsos, and Jesus Quintana, and plenty of great quotes from the film. You can play the game for a few minutes at a time before going back to your work. The Dude abides.

Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope is one of the most enjoyable and extensive app games ever made, and is ideal for students who want to keep their minds sharp while enjoying a breather from the books. With a multitude of different carnations of the game from Cut the Rope: Experiments to Cut the Rope: Magic, there are hundreds of levels to test your logical thinking. Based on physics, players have to cut ropes, pop bubbles, and slide handles in an effort to move a piece of candy around. The candy collects stars on the way to feeding the green monster named Om Nom.

Cut the Rope is amazingly detailed for a free game, and provides hours of entertainment. The fact that it is easy to play a few levels and put it down without becoming too hooked makes it a perfect game to enjoy on breaks from studying.

Remember, getting that coursework done is imperative, but slogging away for hours without a rest could cause it to become dull and repetitive. Don’t forget to sleep well and procrastinate for 5-10-minute slots with these games so you can come back to your studies with a new focus.


Featured Image: cut the rope 1” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Themeplus