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So, you know Tom Brady? You know, New England Patriots football star, major babe who’s also married to another babe who’s children will probably grow up and  be babes like their parents? Yes, that Tom Brady. He dropped the ultimate #TBT on Thursday taking us back to the ’90s revealing his college résumé.  The résumé is kind of interesting, I wonder what kind of job Tom Brady would have gotten had he not been lucky with the whole football thing.  Who knew Brady interned for Merrill Lynch? Not me!  I’m pretty impressed, he also achieved academic honors for three years straight.  I sure love me a smart jock.  He spent quite some time at golf courses, he worked for two of them, both times working as a Sales Representative.  His résumé is like any typical college student’s: full of buzz words.  Buzz words can make working at a McDonald’s sound like you worked at a gourmet restaurant.

College students can use Google for buzz words on their résumés but Tom Brady, well he probably had to use a dictionary, bless him.  He said he thought he was going to have to use the résumé after the fifth round of the NFL draft in 2000, luckily he was 199 in the sixth round.  I can see him right now after the fifth round looking for his résumé and checking it over to see if it had any mistakes.  He probably was picked right before he looked over the section discussing his work for the University of Michigan Golf Course.  While enclosing the type of work he did there, he wrote ‘superintendentent’ instead of ‘superintendent.’  The résumé shows Tom Brady was just like all of us: worried about a job after college.

I’m happy football worked out for you, boo!


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(h/t Huffington Post)

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