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College students often travel all over the world during their education either for study abroad, internships, or just because they want to explore the world they live in, and what an incredible experience it is to be able to do that, but that doesn’t mean you completely forget about your roots when you go. We all have a place (or person) that we can call home and while everyone handles these situations differently depending on your personality, we’ve come up with some tips to help cope with being away.

1. Plan visits

Have a date scheduled so you know when you’re visiting or going home for good. You can use this as motivation to get through those tough days when your boss is constantly down your throat or you just miss your own bed.

2. Be present

Try not to let homesickness get in the way of the adventure at hand. If you’re studying in Paris, go browse through the nooks and crannies of Shakespeare and Co., don’t wallow in your dorm room waiting for your boyfriend at home to log in on Skype.

3. Keep in touch

Yes I know we just said not to constantly check your Skype contacts’ availability, but it is definitely a good thing to spend a healthy amount of time connecting with loved ones via modern technology.

4. Make a bucket list

Research your new location and compile a list of things you want to do before you go.

5. Make friends

This may go without saying for you extroverts, but it can be a little more difficult for introverts. Trust us though, in college there are newcomers all the time just like you, going over to talk to other interns or people in your study abroad program will likely help keep sanity in tact for both parties involved.

6. Exercise

At the very least roam the streets of your new city, just make sure it’s safe!

7. Talk about home

Telling someone about where your from may seem annoying (and may actually annoy the other person), but it helps make home still seem like a real place.

8. Decorate your room

Bring pictures of your friends and family to hang in your new room, or small items from your old one that will fit in a suitcase.

9. Journal or blog

Yes, it does seem like everyone and their dog has a blog (there’s literally a Disney Channel show called Dog With a Blog), but it really is a good way to record your time away and keep the masses updated on your activities.

10. Power through

Ralph Waldo Emerson said he could sum up life in three words, “it goes on,” and sometimes that’s just what you have to tell yourself to make it through the days, weeks, months, or years spent away from home.

How do you handle homesickness?

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