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I would like to start off by saying that I have eaten more M&Ms this week than ever before (and I have eaten a lot of mini M&Ms.)

Now I think there are almost enough “Let It Go” covers out there to break the internet. I can’t say that I mind. First of all, it’s a great song. Second of all, Idina Menzel’s impressive range makes the song powerful – and difficult to sing. Also, it’s Idina Menzel. Come on. Trying to cover Idina Menzel is right up there with trying to cover Adele (see what I did there?) I find that the best covers do something different with the song. So here are my picks for the top 3 “Let It Go” covers.

3. Brian Hull – Disney / Pixar Characters

Talk about a throwback. I suggest listening to this cover with your eyes closed. Your heart will melt and you will giggle at multiple moments. The voices from Beauty and the Beast and Winnie the Pooh are the ones that get me the most.

2. Sam Tsui – Let It Go / Let Her Go

I usually get a song stuck in my head and then play it on repeat for weeks on end. It takes a very special song to be played on repeat for upwards of three weeks without getting me to hate it, and I truly believe that both of these songs are that good. Also, Sam Tsui, you are a cutiepie. You have always been a cutiepie. A cutiepie who can sing.

1. ThePianoGuys – Let It Go / Vivaldi’s Winter

I have loved ThePianoGuys for a long time, so this is biased. Still, Steven Sharp Nelson is such a passionate cello player and watching him play always makes me happy. Jon Schmidt on the piano is also a gem. The arrangement creates a new piece that stands alone. Not to mention that ThePianoGuys always film in beautiful locations and somehow manage to get a grand piano out there. (Seriously, once they filmed on the Great Wall of China.)

Which is your favorite “Let It Go” cover?


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