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While you are travelling to a place, you definitely want something unique to do and see there. Foreign trips are like a treasure hunt. You can explore amazing things every day within your staying period which will be your lifetime memories. Visiting Anguilla can be such an eccentric trip if you plan certain things beforehand. Make sure you get homes with a private pool in Anguilla to double your fun. But, before that, know a bit about the space.

Anguilla is basically situated in West Indies in the Caribbean. It is a flat, low lying island of corals and limestones in the Caribbean Sea. It is been famous for the exotic coral reefs and beautiful beaches. And despite the main beach of Anguilla itself, there are so many islands and cays are situated near it which is also equally famous for its beautiful view. Some of those places are Seal Island, Scrub Island, Dog Island and to name a few. Let’s have a good read on the attractions which is popular here.

Anguilla Kite surfing: Anguilla is the best place for kite surfing. Judd Burdon is known as the best kiters among all. People come here to taste the lively experience of flying kites and feeling the windy atmosphere. And the best part is there is no pressure for the beginners. A team full of expert kiters are there always so that you can experience the best adventure whenever you want. So, excited about the action and ready to experience all odds? Come Anguilla and you will never forget the expertise.

  1. Get the Best Experience at Shoal Bay East: Although Anguilla has almost 33 beaches Shoal East Beach is kind of ‘never-miss-out’ place. There are innumerable bars and restaurants for the sake of tourists. Also some frequently rental equipment for scuba diving, snorkelling and parasailing are also found here. As this is one of the best beaches in Anguilla, it is also the most crowded one which is why it is a bit difficult to find a calm place and relax. But, Shoal Bay East is a perfect place to visit in Anguilla with an ideal facility of parking on the main road.
  2. Enjoy the Beach Life: That you can do at Meads Bay as it is not that much crowded like Shoal Bay East. This is usually renowned for its aquamarine waters, silky and smooth sand and the distinctive beauty. It is absolutely great to spend a day or two days here with your friends or families during any time of the year. But one thing that has to keep in mind is during winters, the water gets a bit rough. Otherwise, it is usually mild in the summers.
  3. Join a Live Concert: With the calm water and peaceful atmosphere, Rendezvous beach present the added attraction to the tourists. Along with providing visual delight to the travellers, Rendezvous is also famous for live concerts of Dune Preserve. So yet another thing to keep in mind is, forgo the beach on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday afternoons because at that time people gathered for the live music.
  4. Exploring Scrub Island: Another marvellous thing to do in Anguilla. This is the most mysterious off-island cay that will compel to feel like you have been lost for years. Basically, the place is known for the airplane crash sites, abandoned hotels, and perfidious waters. Tourists get amazed at the beauty of these underwater things and with its own history. Another fascinating attraction here is the caves. Underwater sea caves! Can you even imagine how mysterious it can be? Do not wait much. If you are planning a trip here, add Scrub Island to your bucket list.
  5.  Snorkelling: An amazing place for snorkelling without any doubt and also the main attraction for the tourists. People often get amazed by the beauty of the underwater. There are plenty of stingrays, turtles, sea slugs, fishes and a lot more animals. The coral reefs are so vibrant and colourful that attracts every human being. So if you are a keen lover of snorkelling, make this a part of your wish list.
  6. Swim with the Dolphins: An experience for a lifetime. Exactly that is what people feel after swimming with the dolphins. There are professional guides who help you to get into the water and swim with them. It might sound unbelievable, but under the trainer’s guide, dolphins usually do some certain exciting activities like ‘Dorsal Tow’ and ‘Foot Push’ and entertain people. So if you are willing to do here something blood pumping, swimming with the dolphins is the way out. This will be the most picturesque and vivid experience for every tourist. 
  7. Surfing: Most of the people have no idea about the surfing thing in Anguilla. But indeed it is a great adventure worth trying for. Beaches like Savannah Bay, Meads Bay is famous for surfing. But this is a bit tough and risky for the beginners. Although there are teams full of surfers lack experience may create a severe accidental issue. But yet a beautiful one to experience just by seeing others.

So, if your next foreign destination is Caribbean Island, head for Anguilla. Here are only 8 exotic things to do when in Anguilla. You can find more to make your vacation full of memories. It is really an ideal place that won’t let any tourists down.

Seema Gurnani of Pandareviewz has submitted this guest post.