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Now, we don’t want to encourage you to procrastinate or anything (we take school very seriously here, duh) but we also know that sometimes what you really need during an intense study session is a quick break, to laugh a little, catch up on what’s trending and in the news, and recharge before you  sit down to write that 10 page essay. The College Mixer is our attempt at making things easier for you — here are today’s top links from around the web!

13 Struggles of Being a College Tour Guide (via Huffington Post)

zac efron

Being a college tour guide is a great way to get involved at your school. It develops your leadership, organizational, and communication skills as well as gives you the opportunity to share your helpful knowledge of life on campus with the next hopeful herd of freshmen. However,  appearing peppy and enthusiastic in front of a group of 20+ teenagers and their parents at 9 in the morning can be more than just a little challenging. And that’s just the beginning of the struggle. Dealing with the weather, obnoxious friends, and overly enthusiastic prospective students are just a few of the many curve balls that college tour guides can expect to dodge.

3 Ways Not to Lose Credits when Transferring Colleges (via USA Today)


I transferred colleges so trust me when I say it is a painful experience. I lost an entire semester of credits and have spent way too many hours in advisement offices fighting tooth-and-nail to get them back with little to no success. If you’re thinking about transferring to a new school this year, don’t be like me; do your research. This article provides some helpful tips to ensure that your credits travel with you if you decide to migrate from one college to another.

UMass’ Derrick Gordon Announces He’s Gay (via ESPN)

derrick gordon

On Wednesday, 22 year-old Derrick Gordon, a starter on the University of Massachusetts men’s basketball team, stepped forward and announced to his family, coaches, and teammates that he is gay. This makes him the first openly gay player in Division I men’s basketball.

65 Thoughts Everybody Has While Using Netflix (via Buzzfeed)


Oh my God, and I thought I was the only one who struggled this much with Netflix. It is a disease, guys. And it’s spreading like wildfire.

7 Easter Inspired Cocktails (via Travel Freak)


Easter is next week which means drugstore shelves are stuffed to the brim with brightly colored candies of every variety. Why settle for simply eating them while lying upside down on your couch when you can mix em with alcohol and get a sugar high AND a little tipsy all at once imstead. This article has some great recipes, I suggest you embrace them ASAP. Fluffed Marshmallow Vodka exists for a reason.

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