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Instagram is the perfect social media for those who love to travel. There’s nothing more bittersweet than being able to see the many pictures that people take while they’re going around the globe either for work or on vacation. These are the types of photos that make you want to immediately transport to that destination! I love to travel and it’s great to see how many people are travel bloggers who get to travel for a living to some of the most beautiful places.  For those of you who also have a case of wanderlust or need ideas for new places to travel to, you should check out these five travel Instagrams.

1. Stephanie Be @Stephbetravel

As a full-time traveler, Stephanie Be has visited places from Dubai to Brazil.  While her photos are also amazing, what makes her Instagram special is the detailed accounts of her journeys or inspirational sayings featured in the caption of each picture.


2. Travel Noire @Travelnoire

Style. @essieizspicy // Prague, Czech Republic. #travelnoire #prague A photo posted by Travel Noire (@travelnoire) on

This company was created to feature young Black travelers to have them share not only their pictures, but stories and advice for other fellow travelers.  The Instagram features the many destinations of those who work for Travel Noire, but they also allow regular people to be posted on their page, just by hash-tagging their name.

3. Jessica Wright @Bontraveler

Be right back…. I’ve decided to move in. ? – @twentytwentystudios #BTdoesMendocino #tlpicks #VisitCalifornia

A photo posted by Jessica Wright (@bontraveler) on

As a full time travel blogger and the founder of Bon Traveler, Jessica has a passion for travel that started at a young age and has developed it into a career.  She’s been to France, Italy, Jordan, French Polynesia, and many other places, but she lends her voice to share where she’s stayed, what she travels with, where she eats, and the lessons she’s learned through traveling.


4. Jessica Stein @Tuulavintage

Brunch @revolveclothing style ?? #REVOLVEinthehamptons A photo posted by Jessica Stein (@tuulavintage) on

With close to 2 million followers on Instagram, this travel and style blogger from Sydney knows how to please her followers on Instagram.  Her website, not only gives multiple posts on each of her destinations, but it lists the 27 countries she’s been to.

5.Kobe Chanel @Kobechanel

Colors of Positano, you are a beauty ?

A photo posted by kobechanel (@kobechanel) on

In her bio, she says, “I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list,” and from the looks of it, it seems like a long list. Kobe not only showcases the tropical beaches of Bora Bora and what it’s like to spend a Mediterranean summer in Italy, but we get to see her enjoy these locations.  From the food she eats or her walks in the desert, this traveler tries to experience it all.

What are your favorite travel Instagrams?