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Many of us struggle to find the time or money to go fulfill our wanderlust. While we may sometimes find a 2 week window to go on vacation, it never seems like enough time. When the day comes to return home, we feel as if we just arrived there. Study abroad students know this feeling all too well. Many students don’t want to stop adventuring after their journeys abroad, and why should we have to?

Well, there are some careers out there that pay you to travel. That is not to say that working these jobs is like escaping reality and going on vacation. Work is work. But, if you enjoy traveling and experiencing different parts of the country or different cultures, then you should consider choosing one of these majors that open up the doors to travel opportunities that you could get paid for.


Become a travel nurse! If you choose to study nursing then you already enjoy helping others in need. This passion for helping others can extend to those who may not be in your home state. Nurses are in high demand but unfortunately there is a shortage. That’s where this travel nurse gig comes in – you’d fly to where more nurses are needed, nationally or abroad, for a certain amount of time. A lot of the times, housing is provided. Sounds good to us.

International Business

Marketing and sales! Event planning! International accountant! We’ve all heard about people who have to “travel for business.” This is what they do. Trainings, seminars, and conversing with clients are all valid reasons to travel for those in the international business field. At many universities, international business programs require students to study abroad and to take a foreign language. Not bad – you can get started on your travel dreams in college.

International Relations

The opportunity of travel is in the name of this major. You can work for an NGO for a great cause, but get paid poorly – this is attractive to those who truly want to make a selfless difference in this world. Other job opportunities include working in politics/government, business & law, and other non-profits.


Freelancing is awesome because it gives you so many opportunities to exercise your creative mind. Freelance travel writers can travel pretty much anywhere and sell their work to those who want it. While pay is low, the traveling freedom may be worth it for some people.

travel for a livingPhotography

You could become a freelance photographer  or you could be a private photographer who people hire to take you to their destination wedding and snap pics of the special day. Not a bad gig at all. You could potentially work on a white sandy beach snapping photos of bright, shiny happy people and you could also relax in the sun on breaks. Purrrfect.

Hospitality Management

Although you wouldn’t be on vacation all of the time, you could be around people who are. So maybe it would feel like you’re on vacation. Traveling jobs in the hospitality management industry include cruise director, managing travel agent, tour managers, recreational managers, and many more.

Liberal Arts

Many people may think a liberal arts education is “a joke” or a waste of time. They couldn’t be more wrong – a liberal arts education doesn’t limit you, it opens many doors. Liberal Arts majors would definitely be able to travel after college and get a penny for it. Joining the Peace Corps wouldn’t pay you much if at all, however it would help you pay off your student loans, all while making this world a better place. LA majors could also choose to teach English in countries where ESL teachers are in demand. These may not be long term career opportunities, but they are great post-grad options.


While not all jobs in the journalism industry allow you to travel, many do. You have to be open to strange hours and not being afraid to get up in peoples’ faces and ask lots of questions. Be ready at a second’s notice to hop on the next plane and cover the next big story.

International School Teacher

Do you want to be a teacher but you’re sick of living in the USA? Certified teachers may be able to teach overseas at schools with an American curriculum. I met 3 American women who worked at an Italian-American school in Italy where they taught English to the students. Many of the students had parents in the military from many different countries. This job allows teachers to travel too!

Foreign Languages

If you’re fluent in a second language, you should seriously consider becoming a translator. You could potentially hang out with very important people, or hang out with a bunch of tourists who would just like to know what’s going on.

Which job would you want to do?