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I don’t know what’s worse: being a public figure and making a silly typo for all the world to see on social media, or being that person who jumps on them and corrects them. Today, Kendall Jenner tweeted this: “tomorrows gonna be funnnnn #ForthOfJuly” — she deleted the original tweet shortly after, probably because immediately following her post, the Twitter world just totally lost it on her. For example:

All I have to say is: you are all rude. What about the several other people who have been tweeting about the #ForthOfJuly since way back on May 31, 2010? Why hasn’t anyone made fun of them? Probably because her haters made it less about the typo and more about her celebrity status, which is terrible.
Old Forth of July #ForthofJuly Tweets Screenshot

I would also like to point out that just moments before Kendall tweeted this Independence Day faux pas, others were doing the same thing, without all the backlash:

While, as an editor, I appreciate a hilarious typo every now and then (okay, a lot) I think it’s a little unnecessary to lash out against people for a spelling error. (And by a little, I mean, a lot.) But, I do have to say, #ForthOfJuly is kind of hilarious for the simple fact that hundreds of people have tweeted it out over the last few years. And if you think about it, “Forth of July” would actually be more like the fifth of July, but I digress. How about we all agree to move forth from this situation and have a happy Fourth of July. Okay? Okay.

Happy Fourth of July! (Or #ForthOfJuly, whichever you prefer!)