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Mary Dishigrikyan is a UCLA graduate with a major in psychology and english . She is a logophile with a passion for puns and Disneyland.  

As you’re reading this, maybe you’re at your friend’s place, sitting on the bed together munching on goodies with your feet laid out in front of you. Or maybe you’re at your own apartment with your cat by your side and your record player softly playing the sounds of the latest folk records. Heck, maybe you’re at your parents’ place in your old room that you’re just now realizing is terribly outdated and needs to be refurbished STAT. Wherever you are, you’ve probably noticed the different vibes you get from different places, and the fact that somehow, everyone’s apartments tend to match their personalities. This is especially true in college, when most of us have the freedom to decorate and live as we please. So, here are the types of apartments we have in our twenties:

The Hipster-Esque Apartment

Hipster Apartment
image via
Fav Home Ideas

Record player? Check. Pet cat? Check. Vintage band and movie posters framed on the walls? Check. Basically, anything that makes a hipster a hipster can be found in this apartment. The obscure record collection with one or two classic rock bands that sound vaguely familiar. The refrigerator stocked with Pabst beer. And then there’s the furniture, half of which is incredibly adorable and was purchased for next to nothing at the local Goodwill and the other half of which are IKEA bestsellers. There are wicker chairs and flowers in mason jars, and everything about this place screams “cozy!” This apartment is comforting and is basically right out of an Urban Outfitters catalog.

The Sorority / Fraternity Apartment

The resident of this apartment belongs to a group. And that group is his or her life. Photos of them and their friends are plastered all along the walls of the living room, the bathroom, the kitchen…basically wherever it makes sense, and then some places that it really doesn’t. Paddles adorn the place too, and it’s likely that there’ll be a lot of a certain color or two depending on which sorority / fraternity they’re in. Some apartments are decked out purely in pink and various shades of glitter. Some are bathed in neutral grays and blues. All of them are guaranteed to be home to lots of pep and pride.

The Functional Apartment

Basic Apartment
image via Forenom

This is the apartment with everything a college student needs and nothing superfluous. There’s a computer desk with the resident’s laptop and homework on it, and a bookshelf filled with textbooks both old and new. The kitchen is stocked with just enough food for the week and the living room’s got a couch and a TV stand – but probably no cable. There might be a painting or two up, but for the most part this place is as basic as basic can be.

The Bright-as-the-Sun Apartment

This belongs to a person who lives for that window seat right next to where the sun’s rays shine down and around their home. A person that thrives in an environment full of white walls, white curtains, white bedspreads, white everything. The brightness of the apartment makes its resident happy, and calm, and filled to the brim with possibility. If there is one room in the apartment that’s a smidgen darker than the others, it’s game over.

Bright Apartment
image via Home DSGN

The One-Big-Mess Apartment

This one’s a bit hard to describe, mostly because there’s nothing to describe. Everything is everywhere, and navigating this apartment is challenging, to say the least. Clothes are strewn all about, the bed’s unmade (and probably has been for months now) the dishes are piled high, and the floors could probably be a little cleaner. Despite all that’s wrong with it though, this apartment still feels homey and welcoming, and the fact that it’s already messy kind of makes it okay to kick off your shoes and get comfortable in any room.

 What kind of apartments do you think people have in college?

featured image via driven male