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Hayleigh Syens is a Drake University student on a mission to become a blogging sensation.

7:30am – Wake up briefly by weird noise made by parent getting ready for work or sibling getting ready for school (haha sucker!) Fall back asleep before you can determine what the noise was.

10:00am – Consider getting out of bed. Decide against it.

12:00pm – Finally crawl out of bed and go downstairs to scrounge for real, non-dining hall food.

12:05pm – Remember you’re too lazy to make anything by yourself. Settle for PopTarts instead.

12:10pm – Flip through TV channels. Remember that nothing good is on TV at noon on a Tuesday. Open Netflix to choose new obsession.

12:15pm – Settle on a Netflix show and begin pilot episode.

3:30pm – Random call from parent interrupts Netflix marathon. Begrudgingly answer phone and perform any requests made by parent (ex. taking out meat to defrost for dinner). Remember during phone call that you forgot to eat lunch.

3:45pm – Hang up phone and make bowl of popcorn. Continue Netflix marathon.

4:15pm – Fall asleep in middle of Netflix marathon.

5:30pm – Wake up to sounds of garage door opening and parents returning from work. Panic because you didn’t look to see if a list of chores had been left for you to complete before parents got home.

5:31pm – Check kitchen table. No list. Phew.

5:32pm – Restart episode of Netflix show that you fell asleep during.

6:30pm – Get called to dinner. Get excited because REAL FOOD!

7:00pm – Leave dinner table absolutely stuffed.

7:02pm – More Netflix.

7:45pm – Ponder when the last time was you took a shower. Realize it was three days ago. Consider showering.

7:46pm – You’ll shower after this next episode.

8:30pm – Go upstairs to shower. Rejoice when you remember how big your shower is at home and that you don’t have to wear shower shoes.

8:50pm – Put on outfit identical to what you were wearing before your shower. Who cares if you’re in a sweat outfit? You aren’t leaving the house.

9:00pm – Watch random weekly sitcom/TV drama with family. Have trouble following because you forgot to watch the show every time it was on during the semester.

10:00pm – Everyone who has to be up tomorrow for work/school goes to bed. You decide this is a perfect time for more Netflix.

1:00am – Realize you watched an entire season of a show in one day. Decide to pace yourself and begin season 2 tomorrow. Surf internet.

1:30am – Go downstairs. Bring bowl of ice cream back to room.

3:00am – Realize how late it is and that you haven’t unpacked at all or worked out once or done anything all break besides watch Netflix and eat. Decide that you’re okay with this and that there’s time to unpack and work out later.

3:05am – Drift peacefully to sleep, knowing you’ll do it all again tomorrow.

What have your days been like during winter break so far?