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Dear Unpaid Internships,

On the surface, you look pretty tedious. Every morning we continue the ongoing battle with the snooze button just to gather the energy to see you. We clinch tightly to my covers in those last few minutes of rest, thinking of ways we can get out of having to physically get up and embrace you. We lay there and wonder what ever behooved me to seek you out in the first place, thinking about the many things we could be doing instead of being in this daily bind of waking up at 7 am. We put so much energy and effort into you, only to come home and do it all over again tomorrow. Sometimes We wonder, Unpaid Internship, what you can really do for us.

But deep down, we know that we need you. Your fantastic advice, resume-building experience, and potential employment opportunities make me remember why we fell for you in the first place. You give us the help we will someday need when looking to make something out of ourselves. If not for you, we would be spending the next four years with that hideous former acquaintance, Fast Food.

It doesn’t take a wise man to know that we have had our difficulties: all of that work without profit, those many nights thinking about the plans we’ve had to cancel just to meet with you, and God only knows what else. In spite of these grievances, we will vow to push through and make this work. Your long-term benefits are far too great for us to pass up.

Oh, Unpaid Internship, our time together is short. As the time draws nearer, we appreciate you more and more. We know that we will soon be on our own in this big world of ours, and we will always remember the skills you gave us to seize it. Till graduation do us part!


Tired College Students

What do you love about your unpaid internship?