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Time to throw that big puffy jacket back into your closet; its spring! New season means a new spring wardrobe. But as college students, we’re constantly challenged to “ball on a budget.” Don’t let your wallet be the reason why you can’t restock your closet this season. Here are the best discount fashion websites to make sure you look stylish and on trend without looking broke.


Plndr specializes in street style and urban wear. As with every flash sale fashion website, Plndr constantly has new sales and styles that will appeal to many people. But what I love most about Plndr is that they have coupon codes pretty much all of the time.


JackThreads, much like Plndr, is very much street style and urban wear, but you’ll find your occasional dress shirt and blazer. Note: JackThreads only has menswear, however, every other site on this list is unisex!


Fab is definitely becoming one of my favorite sites. There is so much more to Fab than just clothes; they have art, furniture, and even food, making Fab very versatile. Their style is very modern and contemporary but still at a very affordable range. I constantly browse their site during class (which I shouldn’t be doing) but I can’t help it. I just love everything they have!


HauteLook is the discount version of every major department store. They feature major well-known brands at generously discounted prices. A little pricier than the last sites I mentioned, but nothing that will empty your bank account. Just like Fab, HauteLook is also pretty versatile offering things like furniture and weekend getaways.


Gilt is the expensive version of the previous sites I mentioned. Not really in the budget of a college student, unless $20 Calvin Klein pajamas count. Even though the majority of the clothes on Gilt are pretty expensive, you might actually get lucky and snag a huge brand name item for half the price.

As with every flash sale website; deals come and go, so you shouldn’t restrict yourself to just one site. Give all of these a try and see which one you like the best, and I guarantee you’ll be looking chic and classy in no time!

What are your favorite online stores? Tell us below!

Featured photo credit: Earthworm via photopin cc