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Use Confidently to Help Your Post-Grad Job Hunt

I cannot stress enough the importance of finding an internship while you’re still in college — the earlier, the better! No matter your goals, be it graduate school or a full time career immediately following college, work experience can put you at an advantage during application periods (or at the very least, put you on a level playing ground). But the problem of trying to get a job or internship nowadays is you simply can’t figure out where to start. There are simply too many places to look for internships. And it really doesn’t help that when you use sites like Craigslist and SimplyHired to look for an entry level job, you have a hard time even filtering out the queries to find one that you can even qualify for! This is where Confidently comes in.

What is Confidently?

Confidently is a pretty new job listings site on the market. They’ve adopted a different philosophy than the current approach to job search. Instead of wasting hours and hours filtering through jobs to find something you might like, only to be disappointed that there is a requirement for experience you don’t have, you can have a comprehensive listing where all the jobs actually apply to you.

You can view their Prezi to get a full explanation:



What’s the catch?

Well, it does cost $7.99 for a membership. But mind you, this is $7.99 for a lifetime membership.

What do you get if it costs you?

To start, time. You can remove the multiple mental filters you’ve installed when staring at a generic job listings that is looking for a senior manager half the time. All the job and internships listed on Confidently only apply to college students and recent grads — so now you can filter based on your own interests! Additionally, you can feel confident (heh, see what I did there?) that the job posting is legitimate — it’s been doubled checked by Confidently staff before published on their site.

You get to see listings that might not have reached your small professional network otherwise. You know, from small businesses that generally hire based on a pool of applicants that they personally know. That in itself is valuable.

You get a Get Confident Timeline developed specifically for students and recent grads to prepare your resume and yourself for a potential interview. As a Confidently member, you also get exclusive discounts to get help from a career profession, if you need it.

They have a cool flowchart explaining how Confidently works here. You can click on the images to get a larger snapshot.

My review

I got a coupon to get a free membership and decided to check it out. I find that the Get Confident Timeline is highly valuable for three reasons: 1) finding your first internship or post-grad is nerve-racking and the guide puts it into perspective for you, and 2) even if you think you know everything about finding a job, it’s always good to read up to make sure your knowledge isn’t outdated, and 3) they send you each step on a weekly basis, giving you useful advice over the course of 9 weeks. If you’re not going to buy based on the extensive vetting process they have to find good job opportunities for you, the Get Confident Timeline is reason enough to spend less than a month-long subscription to Netflix to pay for it.

Now, the job postings aren’t numerous as of yet. This is still a young website, but they’re working on making the site grow! I saw opportunities in Human Resources, Engineering, Graphic Design, Financial Services, Accounting, Law, and Fine Arts within 100 miles of my current location, so it covers a lot of ground. And the more people who join Confidently, the more employers are also interested in this specific job pool.

Test it out

You don’t have to take my word for it, so try it out for yourself! Confidently has so kindly decided to give 50 CampusRiot fans a free lifetime membership. Head over to Confidently’s signup page to get your free membership (use the discount code, “CampusRiot”) now!

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