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When you graduate college, generally speaking, you experience one of two realities: A) you secure a job before you graduate and go right into the work force after you get your diploma, or more likely, B) you spend a few agonizing months (or more…) at home, glued to your laptop, applying to jobs and hoping to hear back before you finally ace an interview and get a job. That time period in between school and finding a job is borderline physically painful, because not only are you beating yourself up about it, but your parents are going to bring it up constantly, your friends are going to accidentally rub it in, and, well, let’s not even discuss the terrors of going on Facebook.

If you’re currently unemployed (or underemployed), then you can probably relate to these 10 awkward moments, including, but not limited to: trying to network without any real experience, watching all your friends get jobs while you sit there and hate your life, going out to dinner with friends and having no money and nothing to discuss, and more. Hang in there, though — soon you’ll join the ranks of your successfully employed peers. And then you can join them in complaining about their jobs, because that’s what adults do, right?

In the mean time, check out the video below. It’s pretty hilarious, despite the sad truths.

How did you survive unemployment?