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There’s just no way around it, partying is a part of college life.  Whether you prefer frat parties, bars, clubs, or just small gatherings at which alcohol is present, most college kids attend parties at least every so often, if not every weekend, or every night.  After you’ve been to about 3 parties, you can pretty much categorize yourself and your friends according to what type of drunk you are.  There are sloppy drunks, angry drunks, the drunks that love everyone and their mother, the drunk guy that thinks he has a million bucks to spend.  The list just goes on.  But in every friend group, there is generally at least one very special person.  And that person is the sober friend.

What the drunk folks tend to forget is that sober friend sees and remembers everything that happens at the party.  They have all their wits about them, and can sit back, relax, and watch chaos ensue.  This being said, the sober friend has a lot of their own party problems to deal with, and those problems are more than accurately summed up in this perfect little BuzzFeed video.  Whether you are always the sober friend or just choose to not imbibe on certain occasions, it is likely that you can relate to this video.  It gets real old real fast having every single other partygoer asking you why you aren’t drinking.  People have their reasons, just like you have your reasons for getting hammered, and maybe they just don’t want to talk about it.  Since sober friend is likely the person who will be holding your hair back while you vomit later, you should respect their choices.  Despite this annoying line of questioning, there are a ton of perks to being sober.  Really, it is is hysterical watching drunk people acting like fools, and you can only truly appreciate the drunken antics if you aren’t rocking a buzz.

So to all the sober people out there, keep doing what you’re doing.  Somebody needs to be able to tell their friends all the embarrassing things they did the night before.

Are you the sober friend?