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“New Year, New Me,” is the mantra of most folks once the new year rolls around, and all you have to do is spend about 48 seconds on any social media platform on either New Year’s Eve or January 1st and you are guaranteed to see that phrase at least a dozen times, followed by a list of resolutions and goals for the new year.  This will all last for about another 48 seconds, and then it will become evident that only about 5% of people will actually stick to their resolutions and make significant progress on their “new me” goal.

The laypeople aren’t the only ones who concoct plans for change in the new year.  Celebrities are people too, and they are not above the new year, new me declarations.  Barely Political, who almost never fails to dazzle us with pretty spot-on celebrity impersonations, has imagined what some celebrities have probably resolved to do in the new year.  Even at the times when the actual impersonations weren’t exactly perfect, I’m looking at you “Vince Vaughn,” the substance was still spot on.   I think the Daniel Radcliffe impression really stole the show, and even though it was totally ridiculous, I’m not even mad about it. If this video isn’t really something you think you would be interested in, at least watch the last 30 seconds, you will not be disappointed, especially if you’re a Harry Potter fan.

What are your New Year’s resolutions?