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Living in New York this summer? Well… did you know that Madison Square Park, Washington Square Park, Union Square Park and Bryant Park all used to be cemeteries?  Creepy, I know. But become an expert on NYC whether or not you live here, have lived here or are planning on living here. These 18 interesting facts will most definitely impress (or shock) your friends. New York City is a place that is constantly full of surprises.

While these facts are intriguing, many viewers were offended that the video did not specify that these facts were only about Manhattan, and completely ignored the rest of the state of New York. “there is an entire state just above Manhattan Island. It’s home to some of the oldest cities, some of the largest tracts of wilderness, and the New York State Capital.” Other comments brought up some good points such as why anyone would want to save Albert Einstein‘s eyes… which I have to say is a good point, but the rebuttal was “to see the world the way he was seeing it. There is no other explanation, I’m sorry. At least, an explanation I can think of..” or to clone him. So… definitely some really great arguments we’ve got going here. 

I would have to say my favorite fact would have to be that it is a misdemeanor to fart in NYC churches. Or a more mature choice which would be that there are 800 different languages spoken in the city.

I always love a good fun fact, and BuzzFeedVideo definitely knows how to pick ’em! Their channel has tons of videos that are hilarious or interesting, and you can access other channels by BuzzFeed and never be bored.

What is your favorite fun fact about NYC?