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And we’re back with another Mental Floss video starring the one and only John Green! This video rounds up 26 of the most bizarre college classes offered at different colleges and universities across the country. He talks about each one, and as always gives some of the best opinions on each class. The classes ranged from social sciences to literature to history, and it’s hard to believe that you can get credits for some of these courses.

What were some of our favorites? At McDaniel College, you can take South Park and Contemporary Social Issues. Are the realizations at the end of each episode applicable to society today? Is Kenny’s indiscernible voice a comment on society over all? Taking this class involves talking about these issues, hopefully with some video examples from episodes of the show. At Pitzer, you can take a class on Tattoos in American Culture, where you discuss how tattoos have influenced American culture, discussing race, gender, and sexuality. At Kent State, you can take a class on Will Ferrell or Adam Sandler, or take a class on Adult Swim where your final paper is on a show of your choice.

Oh, and for all you 90s kids, if you attend West Virginia University, you can take Welcome to the Whedonverse: Exploring Popular Culture Through the Works of Joss Whedon. Are you team Spike? Why did Angel have to be cancelled? This class is your space to discuss these vital life issues.  I would much rather take any of those classes instead of Philosophy of Law, which I regrettably signed up for next semester.

What bizarre class would you want to take?