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It’s Friday on CampusRiot and you know what that means! Kind of. Okay, maybe not. It means that yesterday was Thursday on Daily Grace, and if you don’t know what that means then you need to get it together. It means that yesterday, Grace Helbig taught us… “how to… do… something…” and this week, that something was how to make cheap and easy Halloween costumes. Except she kind of half-assed it, but I don’t really care. Some of her ideas were pretty clever and pun-derful.

Daily Grace’s costume ideas that are totally lame (but also totally awesome)

1. “That” Guy — consists of: fake mustache, offensive t-shirt, glasses and a backwards baseball cap.

2. Inside Joke — consists of: write a joke on a piece of paper. Put it in your mouth.

3. Matt Demon — consists of: “Matt” name tag, devil-ish face makeup.

4. “Trying Too Hard” — consists of: wear everything crazy/trendy/quirky that you own.

I’ll let Grace take it from here — her modeling of the costumes is way better than any description I could write. Although I do have one thing to comment on — other versions of “trying too hard” could include: Avril Lavigne (due to her recent and…interesting… attempt at a musical comeback), Miley Cyrus at the VMAs (love her, but let’s not pretend here) and of course, Regina George’s mom.

What are you being for Halloween?