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YouTube Nation is always coming up with episodes that bring us the best and most entertaining videos currently on YouTube. They definitely know what’s up.

In this episode, they bring us eight epic challenges from the cinnamon challenge to chubby bunny to consumption of a live scorpion.

Personally, we agree with the SPCA and feel for that poor scorpion who had to be eaten alive. Sad and disgusting.

Although this video says “don’t try this at home” it’s easy to guess that most of you have tried the cinnamon challenge, chubby bunny, and perhaps a few others within the privacy of your own home. Needless to say, we really did not enjoy the pain on the guy’s face who chugged two family sized bottles of mustard. We could almost taste the mustard as we watched him shake and drool after the chug.

That 6-year-old that did the cinnamon challenged and kept the cinnamon down? Come on, that’s amazing–he really is destined for greatness. But you need to go see Glozell’s Cinnamon Challenge for the best one yet.

Also, we agree that she makes it look easy putting make up on without a mirror, but then again we don’t really want to be challenged to do that so we’ll stop right there.

We’re kind of confused about the song challenge video, but then again, we won’t be trying that at home so who are we to say anything. Check out Youtube Nation’s Channel for tons of different types of funny and entertaining videos.


Would you try any of these challenges at home?