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Let’s face it, Target is one of our favorite stores and for good reason. It is in our college kid budget and it has everything. We’re lazy. We love one-stop shops. We can get clothes that are trendy and don’t break the bank. We can pick up some groceries. Maybe get some new shoes. Oh wait did you forget that it was your turn to buy toilet paper? Isn’t your sister’s birthday coming u0p?

You can literally get everything you need. It is a magical dreamscape of possibility. They say that Disneyland is the happiest place on earth, but we believe that Target (especially a super Target) isĀ actually the happiest place on earth. Maybe we are being a little extreme here but ja feel, right? Ja definitely feel.

Thanks to BuzzFeed we now hold the secrets to the dreamscape. Life hacks and tricks that will make your shopping experience even better. Did you know women’s clothes are marked down on Tuesdays? Now you do! Did you know that if a clearance price ends in a $0.06 it will be marked down again! Which means you can keep an eye on things that you want to purchase, but don’t have quite enough money for yet.

There are a few more tricks that BuzzFeed has uncovered for you, and we are pretty happy to now know these secrets. Did you know that some Goodwill stores get stock from Target?

Check out the video below and make sure to bookmark it or take notes because there are things you don’t want to forget.

Do you shop at Target?