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Sorry Webster, but Urban Dictionary is probably the most useful resource for looking up unfamiliar words.  Sure, if I’m doing homework I might want to turn to a good old fashioned dictionary, but in real life weird slang dominates.  Everyone at the party you are at keeps saying weird things? What do you do?  Quickly whip out your trusty iPhone and consult the urban dictionary.  I find myself doing this an awful lot these days, I was never really fluent in slang.

Don’t worry, Buzzfeed has you covered.  If you plan on being a quasai functioning member of the college world, there are certain Urban Dictionary-isms that you should know the definitions of, and probably incorporate them into your every day vocabulary.  Next time you want to ask your friends to hang out, if you want to be cool, you better ask them where they want to “rendebooze.”  And all you clean freaks out there aren’t fooling anybody, we all know you use the sniff test too.  It’s just practical.


Now stop watching videos and hop back on the struggle bus!

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What Urban Dictionary words are your favorites?

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