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BuzzFeedYellow always seems to hit the nail on the head, don’t they? Don’t deny it… you’ve always kind of wanted to taste baby food. Well, you may want think again. After you watch this video, you definitely will not want to try it (or at least hopefully you won’t.) These taste-testers prove that what we feed to babies is absolutely repulsive and sometimes might even be classified as inedible.

They remind us what strange combinations the foods are such as pumpkin and banana or vegetables, turkey and grains. Yes, we may have all of those in one meal but not blended together into a thin puree. There is one woman who seems to really enjoy every type of baby food, including “meat sticks,” which perhaps is a sign that she should reconsider her eating habits. Meanwhile, another guy is gagging every time a different type of food touches his mouth. One of the tasters describes the “chicken with chicken gravy” as tasting “like bones.” That’s concerning. Just saying…(how does he know what bones taste like?!)

Obviously babies have different taste buds than adult’s but eww! This “food” seems serious gross.

BuzzFeedYellow has a lot of different types of videos that range from hilarious to informative to interesting to strange, but it is definitely an account worth checking out, especially if you are trying to procrastinate (we didn’t say that.) For example, learn about some incredible rain forest facts or how much more money men make then women.


Have you ever tasted baby food?