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Wait, wait, wait. Stop the presses. Hold the phone. Drop. Everything. The most amazing thing that has ever happened to the Internet has arrived. And it involves none other than our beloved Disney princesses, current events, and one heck of a talented singer. Can you say, “blown away”?

Jon Cozart (Paint) released a video this week on YouTube called “After Ever After” – a Disney parody that takes four princesses, Pocahontas, Belle, Jasmine, and Ariel, and tells their respective tales of what happened after “all of their dreams came true.” The stories are set to (and beautifully sung to) popular songs from the movies. We learn that Pocahontas has taken to murdering foreign men after destruction was brought to her home, Belle is being charged with beastiality and might be burned at the stake, Ariel is fighting fishermen everywhere and is really holding a grudge against BP (who could blame her?) and finally, Jasmine is pretty pissed off because Aladdin was taken to Guantanamo Bay by the CIA – her desperate pleas deny any involvement with the Taliban.

As you can see,  their lives, according to Cozart, didn’t go quite the route of “happily ever after,” and while we love to believe they would’ve had a fairy tale dream come true, it’s admittedly a little more fun to imagine what things would be like if they existed in the real world. And just so you know, we’re listening to this song on repeat all day. All. Day.

Bravo, Jon Cozart. We officially love you. And so you all can love him too, check out the video below!

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