Whenever you drink a lot, a hangover is pretty much unavoidable. You’re bound to wake up on a Sunday morning with a throbbing headache and a not-so-happy stomach. But did you know that certain drinks can give you worse hangovers than others? If you don’t enjoy starting your day off feeling like you got hit by a truck, you might want to take what you’re drinking into consideration and drink something that’s less likely to give you a terrible hangover. So let’s talk about booze, baby!

First of all, did you know that the technical term for a hangover is really “veisalgia”? It comes from a Nordic word which apparently means “uneasiness following a night of debauchery” according to this video from DNews. Hmm… I wonder how they made that connection.

Anyway, when you drink alcohol, your kidney’s don’t absorb water (which is why once you break the seal, there’s no going back) and so your body becomes very dehydrated and you lose a lot of good nutrients like potassium. It also breaks up the contents of your liver into glucose (thus putting a lot of sugar into your system) which essentially makes you feel awful. You can’t stop this from happening when you drink, but you can avoid having an even worse hangover by avoiding a few key thing, like dark alcohol (yes, that includes wine and liquor), high sugar content, and more.

The video also dispells the “beer before liquor/liquor before beer” myth, in case you were wondering.

Check out the video below, and here’s to no more terrible hangovers!

How do you avoid a hangover?

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