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Is there anything on this earth that you love more than your couch? Think about it. Like, really really think about it. It is always there for you. You can lounge on it, or it can act as a second bed. When you are sick it takes care of you just like Mom did and it is what keeps you comfortable during Netflix binges with your roommates. Your couch is your best friend and you know it, which is why it is so sad when you finally have to say goodbye. Which is what today’s video of the day is all about. Your couch’s final moments.

In typical fashion, a couch has been left curbside for either new owners or the garbage men to come and take it away. For Alicia, it was the latter, which is always the sadder of the two fates. We all want our couches to go to a good home and find new people to offer comfort to. It is hard to think that a video about a couch being picked up by garbage men could be hilarious, but this video is poignant and laugh inducing. With a black and white filter and some sad music it becomes a heartwrenching goodbye scene. Seriously this is like something out of a Nicholas Sparks novel. Although we all know the greatest modern love story is between a person and their couch.

Can you tell we are ready for the weekend?

Check out the video featuring Alicia’s couch below and tonight when you are watching Parenthood instead of studying for that Math midterm make sure you tell your couch just how much you love it.

How much do you love your couch?