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We try not to repeat video of the day posts (okay, maybe not so much – just look at how many Bad Lip Reading posts we’ve done) but AsapSCIENCE has done it again!  You survived finals week with their perfect power nap method and now we bring you amazing science facts in just over 2 minutes! Forget your Biology class – you can learn all you need to know about science from this video (well, maybe not all you need to know, but you can learn enough to impress people! And maybe to answer a Jeopardy question correctly, if you’re lucky.)

Did you know that most alcoholic beverages contain all 13 minerals necessary for human life? If you ever needed an excuse to drink (if you’re legal!) there you go. And, if anyone gives you a hard time about indulging in a beer or two, forget “it’s 5 o’clock somewhere” – now you can tell them that 1 % of the population is drunk at any given moment. Good to know. No more party guilt!

This video is guaranteed to make you really glad you’re not an octopus. Seriously. Check it out below!

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