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This weekend, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, starring the Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone (AKA Hollywood’s most perfect couple) hits theaters. While we’re sure some of you Spider-Man fans are tried and true, diehard fans of the comics, we know that not all of you know everything there is to know about Peter Parker and his story or about the history of the comic. You should probably brush up on your Spider-Man facts before you wait in line to attend the midnight showing.

For example, did you know that Spider-Man came really close to never even existing? According to this BuzzFeed video, Martin Goodman, who used to be the head of Marvel, told creator Stan Lee that Spider-Man would never be successful because people hate spiders, calling it a “rotten idea.” Clearly, Goodman was wrong, as Spider-Man went on to become one of Marvel’s best-selling comics.

Another interesting tid-bit: in 1965, Esquire Magazine polled college students to find out who they felt were the most influential revolutionary icons: Spider-Man made the top 3, along with Che Guevara and Bob Dylan. Hmmm…

At one point, Michael Jackson tried to buy out Marvel so that he could play Spider-Man in a movie version. Raise your hand if you’re glad that didn’t happen. (*all of the internet raises their hands*)

Whether you’re a Spider-Man fan to your core or you just really like action movies, check out the video below before you head to theaters this weekend.

Are you excited for The Amazing Spider-Man 2?